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Trouble Board Game

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By mom2one on
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Trouble is a pretty easy to learn game. The object is to move all four of your pieces around the board and back home. If someone lands on your piece, then you must start over.

The age recommendation for this game is 5-9 years old. Personally I think even children as young as 4 could easily learn to play this game.

The game includes a plastic game board, Pop O Matic dice roller and 4 different colors pegs.

As a family we have a good time with this game. My son has been playing it since he was almost four years old. It's great for teaching counting, competition and good sportsmanship. I will admit when we first started playing this game my son would get a little upset about being sent back home. Since then he really has learn what good sportsmanship is about and now doesn't complain and knows it is part of the game. Of course he loves to send one of his parents home any chance he gets.

Another thing I have seen it has taught my son is he will really think about what pieces to move before he moves them. He decides which pieces are at risk, so he is really using strategy thinking in this game now.

Two things can be frustrating with this game though. You must roll a 6 before you can start. Sometimes that can be frustrating when you roll again and again and can not get a 6. Especially if everyone else has already rolled a 6 and is moving around the board. For us we decided that after so many rolls of trying we just allow the person to go on the next roll even if they don't roll a 6.

Another thing is I had this game as a child and what the biggest difference I noticed was the new Trouble is made a lot cheaper then mine as a child. The bottom is a cardboard, where when I was young it as all plastic. It is still playable, but it's just a little thing I noticed.

it's a great family fun night so I would definitely recommend it.