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Trudeau Thermos

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vsimeone By vsimeone on
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I am a coffee drinker. What I mean by "coffee drinker" is that I drink A LOT of coffee!!! Most days I drink 10 cups out of a 12 cup coffee maker. I know all about the dangers of drinking too much caffine but what the experts DON'T tell you is how much danger my co-workers would be in if I DON'T drink that much caffine! I've pretty much come to terms that if it is going to kill me that at least I won't take any of my co-workers out with me!

Because I tend to drink such large quantities of coffee, I don't feel comfortable using the coffee maker at work. Not to mention that it is a LONG walk to the lounge from my office so I am very comfortable making my coffee at home each day and bringing it in a thermos to work. When I first started this job about 8 years ago, I had a traditional, glass-lined thermos. Well, not only am I a coffee drinker but I am also a clutz. Needless to say, I dropped the thermos about a month after I had it and shattered the lining. After that, I purchased this all stainless steel Trudeau thermos. I have dropped it well over 100 times and all that has happened to it is a handful of dents! My coffee stays hot until well after lunch and it is extremely easy to clean by popping it in the dishwasher. In addition to a handle, there is also a strap which comes in handy to carry on my arm when my hands are full.

If you enjoy hot (or cold!) beverages on the go, consider the Trudeau line of thermoses!