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Truly A Miracle!

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Herocyn Medicated Skin Powder has been our skin medication over the past years. We had it when I was still living with my parents; this skin powder was always there to support us when needed. You see, skin issues have been in my family for long, maybe because it’s kind of hereditary. Well, I know I have this issue because I have a very sensitive skin. Our old family doctor had told us that we couldn’t stand the antiseptic, mostly got infected by alcohol, but he said that this powder was harmless. It’s pretty terrifying actually, when we have to carefully select what products are harmful and which are not. Well because our doctor said this was okay for us, then we used it. Even now after I’m married I also have this powder as our skin medication. The indication as listed at the back of it is skin disorders like prickly heat and itching. My hubby rarely uses this, because he doesn’t have much of a skin issue. But lately, he had these some kind of white itchy spots (I’d say they are some sort of harmless fungus) on his back. I recalled that these infected areas were occasionally wet and didn’t get much drying from his towel. I suggested him to use this medicated powder, and he agreed. I put some of it on the infected spots every time after his bathing and in a matter of days the white itchy spots gradually decreased. Now I have another issue. Two days ago I just found out some red spots (from prickly heat I think) on my neck. Although they don’t itch so much, but I still put some of this medicated powder. Today it has begun to fade and they are not itchy any more. This medicated powder is truly a miracle for us!