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Reviewing: Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer  |  Rating:
jennifer kennedy By jennifer kennedy on
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Why is it that when a household item breaks, it happens in three's? well recently this happened to me, I had two large items break down, then my deep fat fryer also broke as well, so I checked Argos online and came across this Cookworks deep fat fryer for the reasonable price of £15, I reserved the fryer and hubby went to pick it up from the store.

He arrived home with the boxed item and from looking at the box I gathered that the fryer was quite small, the picture on the box is off a silver and black fryer which would match with my kitchen perfectly, so as I was looking forward to having some homemade chips for the first time in days I was straight in to opening the packaging, I was horrified to see a tiny fryer, when I say tiny I mean really tiny, the basket is about the same size as a 20 pack of cigarettes.

I will admit that the fryer is quite cute, on the front of the fryer there is a dial with different tempertures on, the dial needs to be turned to one of the tempertures to turn the fryer on and then when not in use the dial should be turned to the off setting, the temperture goes from 80 to 140 degrees and above this there are pictures of different foods and how long each food should be cooked for, the lid comes off easily and can easily be put back into place, the fryer takes less than half a litre of cooking oil and will cook approximately 5 small potatoes at once, so imagine cooking roast potatoes for a family of five!

The only good thing I can say about this fryer is because it is so small it is easy to store and doesn't take up to much room on my worktop which is really handy, also it it quite easy to clean out due to it being so small.

Hubby did try taking it back but while he was on the bus he placed the fryer on the floor without realising that something had been spilt and when he got to Argos the box was wet so they refused to take the fryer back, so for now we are stuck with a mini deep fat fryer. This would be ok for a single person but not for a family! in some cases it's true what they say "you get what you pay for" that is definately true in this case!

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