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Tsp 90 Cleaner Didn't Impress Me

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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TSP/90 cleaner

TSP/ 90 cleaner is supposed to be a heavy-duty, phosphate free cleaning agent. I thought it did a mediocre job compared to several other products that I had available.

I was recently temporarily employed in painting an apartment in an old house. The previous tenant had been very dirty, and the woodwork had to be really washed, often scrubbed, to get it clean enough to re-paint. The owner had purchased this product and suggested that it be used on the woodwork. I tried it twice, and wasn’t impressed either time. I also had PineSol and Simple Green available and both of those worked better than the TSP. I admit I was surprised, but you can’t argue with success.

If I am recalling correctly from somewhere in my distant past, TSP is a product that has been around for a long time. TSP generally stands for tri-sodium phosphate, which is (was) the primary agent in products such as Comet and heavy-duty cleansers. However, most states have banned phosphorus from detergents and most cleansers. This is a newer formula without the phosphate. Good for the environment, not so great as a cleaner.

This is a powder and you mix it in warm water to make your cleaning solution. Wash the surfaces, and then you must rinse before it dries or a film may form that is difficult to remove. This adds another layer of difficulty. The Simple Green also needed to be followed by a rinse, but it didn’t have a warning about letting it dry.

There is also a strong warning about letting this product touch glass. This seems too difficult to deal with for general cleaning purposes. I don’t think I’ll ever buy this product.

This was a 1-pound packet, purchased at Ace Hardware for $4.79. How much solution it makes depends on how strong of a mixture you make.