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Tungsten E

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By niceguy2010 on
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I Own this product and I think I would be lost with out it! it keeps track of everything i do from just my personal schedule to how many carbs i consume, ot even making a bill even between me and my friends including tip at a buffet. I also think the durability is very good, I have dropped it a bunch of times and I haven't had a problem with it. Although the bettery life isn't to long, and if you forget to chage it for a while and your palm dies you lose all your data but it is backed up on your computer so you get it all back, but it is still a hassle so I just charge it every night while i sleep, The only other problem i have is with the speaker, it tends to fade out and not work i do not know why and i have been unable to fix it myself. The security is pretty good but the only bad thing is YOU CAN NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD!!!! if you do and are unable to remember it you have to change your password and while doing so it will delete any thing you had put a password on. The graffiti is the writing surface on the palm and it is pretty easy to use but it often mixs up the letters you are writing so it can be some what annoying when you are in a hurry. You don't have to use graffiti you can bring up a keyboard on screen to use as well which is a little easier to use when in a hurry