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Tungsten E2 Palm Pilot

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I received a Palm Pilot Tungsten e2 last year for my Christmas. I've loved it the second I took it out of the box!

It comes with a good amount of applications for the working businessman. My favorite is "Documents to go". It lets you sync your word/excel/power point files and view them on the go. You can even edit them, and then upload the new versions back to your computer! Another feature I thought was pretty cool was that if you have a blue tooth enabled phone and bluetooth headset, then you can dial phone numbers from your Tungsten e2. The e2 will automatically connect to your phone, send the phone number you just dialed to it, and then the phone connects to your headset. You can even connect to the Internet through your bluetooth enabled phone (If you have a plan that includes an Internet package.) And if you don't have an Internet package, no worries! Your e2 can connect bluetooth enabled wireless routers!

The e2 is also great for the entertainment based folk. You can install thousands of free games from different web sites, as well as listen to music (It has a headphone jack and a built in speaker) on the already-installed RealPlayer media viewer. You can also sync movies and videos onto your e2 and watch them on the go!

I have to admit, the e2 does have a few minor flaws to it. First of all, the largest SD card it can handle is 2GB. The only other problem I've ever had with it is that it takes a decent amount of time to sync large videos. It took about 3 minutes to sync a 20 minute video. But other then that, the e2 is a pretty amazing little gadget!