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Turn It On And Go

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My husband received this cute little GPS for his birthday from our children. He has wanted a GPS since we used one in Hawaii. This one is the perfect size. It fits nicely inside the gps case I bought him (review to come) and drop it in my purse. It could also fit in a coat pocket. It's only 3.5" so a bit smaller than some of the ones on the market now. But for us it's the perfect fit!

When you take it out of the box you should make sure that all the accessories are present and accounted for. It comes with the GPS, a mount, a cord that you plug into the car and a USB cord. I was looking for an AC adaptor so that I could charge it in the house......but sadly it does not come with one. So you will need to charge it in the car before you can use it. I might be purchasing an AC adaptor for when we travel so that I don't have to leave it charging in the car.

I'm not going to apply the mount to the window or the dashboard. That is too tempting for those with alternative motives. So for now those accessories will sit in the box.

After I had charged the GPS I turned it on with a push of a button. You need to push and hold for a couple of seconds to turn it on. The first thing you see besides the name of the product is a warning to drivers not to try and program it unless you have come to a complete stop......to only glance at it while you are driving.....etc.......good instructions but I wonder how many people actually take the time to read that before they advance to the next screen! The next thing you will need to do is set your time. It gives the options of several time zones in different countries. Once that was set you will be taken to another screen. It's bright blue! Wow I really love the vibrant colors on this Magellan Maestro 3100! You can choose what you want to do from the options on the screen. They are:







I picked enter address. It takes you to a screen where you enter the name of the city, then the address. It will give you the options of using fastest route via streets or using highways. The first time I used it I knew my route ahead of time but wanted to check its accuracy. It was perfect! It informs you well ahead of time when an exit you need is coming up. I was going to have lunch at the mall with family and it got me there with no glitches. The funny thing is that when I entered the parking lot........it told me to make a legal U-turn if I was able to. So I guess that means that it doesn't recognize parking lots!

This was a gift for my hubby.........but I think it will be enjoyed by me too!