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Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 For 360

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Mark Chan By Mark Chan on
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Ni hao! Today I review the Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 for the Xbox 360.

This headset lets the hardcore gamer keep playing through the night without disturbing everyone else who is sleeping in the house. Basically, it transfers the Xbox 360 audio from the TV into the headset, as well as combines voice chat in case you are playing over Xbox Live and want to whisper some insults.

One thing you must know is that this thing has wires, and lots of them. One set of wires plugs in the back of the TV, another one plugs into the USB port of the Xbox 360 in order to get power, another one from the volume control to the Xbox 360 controller to allow voice chat, and of course another long wire for the headset itself. Of course, the Asian way of thinking is that wires=awesome because they are a cheap incentive compared to the wireless counterpart, the X2 or X3, so this doesn't matter at all. Don't worry though, once you see the diagram in the manual, it's a piece of cake. At most, it would take you 10 minutes to set everything up if you have an IQ of at least 50. Oh and this thing works on a PC too.

The audio is pretty good It has good bass and some surround sound capabilities, but they're not the best in my experience. However, only the most critical sound whores will find this headset lacking, as I've grown to love it. Believe me, if you're not a sound whore, you'll also think the same as me. After all, what other headset lets you combine sound effects and voice chat all in one headset?

So is this comfy, you say? Very comfortable, but one thing to keep in mind. If you game for a long time, your ears will start getting hot and sweaty. However, unless you got some good ventilation in your room, your ears will be good and dry as long as you let them vent once in a while. But I mean that's what headsets do to your ears anyway, right?

Overall, the Chinaman wins this one. It's true that this is the only brand that lets you combine sound effects and voice chat, but it's a great choice. It's better than just plugging some other brand headset into the speakers and slinging the Xbox 360 voice headset over that headset and not hear the game in both ears. This thing will last a long time. Just don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. Careful with the wires because they might break if you tug them too hard. That's it for now. Zai jian!