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Turtle Wax Metallic Car Wax, For A Sexy Body!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Turtle Wax bottle

I have been polishing cars for many years, some as a professional, and have used this Turtle Wax Metallic quite a lot. I can recommend it, but there are limitations. The bottle I have at the moment is several years old, partly because it is used sparingly, and partly because I use various other product. I have metallic paint on my car, and metallic and pearlescent paint finishes require a better and less abrasive polish. This is most suitable, and for a "first coat" it is ideal. However any polish will last longer, (and look better) if the shine is sealed in with a high gloss paintwork protector.

To start with, Turtle Wax is both easy to apply, and also easy to buff off. You have to start with a clean car of course, but the surface does not have to be completely dry. The bottle should be shaken well, then a small amount is to be poured onto a damp cloth. I know it seems wrong to apply polish with anything other than a dry cloth, but this is in the instructions on the bottle, and it works. The polish should be applied in a circular motion. Try to do a complete panel or a section, then move on to the next. When the polish had dried to a haze, wipe off and buff with a soft cloth (I use old Tee shirts).

These bottles are plastic half litre ones, and they have a nozzle in the cap. My nozzle got clogged up, so I just unscrew the cap, and find it easy to pour out the correct amount, as the polish is a creamy liquid. All the instructions are on the label, and they are easy to follow. As I mentioned earlier, this is suitable for all paint finishes, includng metallics and pearlescent, because Turtle Waxcontains non-abrasive cleaners, which will remove ingrained grime, leaving a smooth scratch-free finish. I personally use AutoGlym Extra Gloss on top of this, to preserve the finish, and keep it looking better for longer.

CAUTION, Do NOT use this on paint finishes with peeling lacquer, and don't apply if the paintwork is hot to the touch, (cool it with cold water.) Keep away from small children, otherwise this is perfectly safe to use.

The only problem I have ever had with Turtle Wax is that the bottle can easily slide off bonnets etc. I use a non-slip mat, held on with a rubber band. I can recommend this to all.