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Tv Top Shelf Does Not Work On All Monitors

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The plastic shelf which can create storage space on top of your computer monitor is a great idea, but it doesn’t work well with monitors which have a steeply sloping back.

My office space is at a premium, so I knew I wanted to be able to use the empty space above my computer monitor. I ordered the shelf, and when it came it looked good. There is a basic instruction sheet.

There are two leg brackets which you screw to the bottom of the shelf in any of several positions which will make it rest on the back of your monitor. You need a phillips screwdriver for this. The legs also adjust by screwing them in or out for height. The foot of each leg pivots so it can sit at an angle, and also has a sticky pad.

The front of the shelf has a velcro fastener with sticky back tape. This is to hold the shelf securely to the top of your monitor.

However, the back of my monitor “swoops” downward rapidly. This means that there isn’t really anywhere for those back legs of the shelf to sit securely. What this has meant in practice that about once a month the entire shelf and its contents have taken a flying dive off the back of my monitor and computer table. This is a really inaccessible spot for me, and it’s a royal pain when it happens. And I don’t think it’s too good for my speakers either. I used double sided sticky tape and a flat piece of metal to make a “stop” that helps keep the shelf from wanting to slide back, and I try to keep a heavier object toward the front of the shelf to balance it. Thought I had the problem solved, but last week... WHAM... down off the back went the whole thing again.

If I would get some dowel, and make a pair of back legs for the shelf that extended to my computer table top, this would solve the problem. But if your monitor or TV has a steeply slanted back, you should think twice about this product. Otherwise, I think the concept is great.

Update On Jul 30, 2008: I have managed to make this stable by adding legs made of dowel to the back edge of the shelf. I really need this space on top of the monitor for my speakers and some other things, but it's too bad that I had to toggle it up to make it work.