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Twilight By Stephanie Meyers

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Twilight is written by Stephanie Meyers. This novel was originally published in 2005 and quickly became one the number one best sellers. This book was first popular among young teens and quickly became popular with adults as well.

This story is about a young teen by the name of Isabella Swan (Bella) who moves from Ariona to Forks, Washington because her mother has just married a minor baseball pitcher and wants to travel with him. Bella soon becomes friends with a vampire by the name of Edward and later falls in love him.

One her first day of school, she sits next to Edward in Biology class and Edward seems to repulse him so he tries to switch classes with no luck. After tricking a family friend into telling her the legend about the local tribes, Bella decides to reseach this legend and finds out that Edward is a vampire. After she confronts Edward about being a vampire, he explains to her about his family and she finds out that his family does not drink human blood, he drinks animal blood.

Bella and Edward soon find out that she is in danger because a vampire tracker by the name of James is tracking her and soon finds her by using her mother as bait... Bella meets James at the dance studio where she used to take dance lessons as a little girl. Will Edward find her and save her? I know but you should read this to find out.

Like many people, I have read Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. I found this book to be really boring at the begginning. I continued to read and was surprised because it got better. I was happy that I read this book and I would reccomend this to anyone.