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Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

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By ceres on
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I borrowed this book from a friend to kill some time during school holidays. However, this book surpasses my expectation as one of the best vampire story i've ever read.

The story starts with Isabella Swan, who decides to move to Forks to live with her father. For her, Forks is a boring and depressing town which rains consistently with practically no sunshine. That is, until she come across the mysterious and impossibly mesmerizing Edward Cullen. Their relationship starts off badly, as Bella has no idea why Edward is treating her like an enemy and keen to avoid her. However, Bella soon discovers that the boy that keeps appearing in her dream is not human. Despite that, and despite repeated warnings from Edward that he's dangerous to her, both of them couldn't seem to stay away from each other, even as Edward struggles with the darker part of him that thirsted for Bella's blood.

This book is very beautifully narrated, with the struggle of a difficult and almost impoosible relationship nicely portrayed. The threat of unpredictable danger is always lurking. Every page is brilliantly written, all in all, it's an awesome story!