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Twilight: Not That Bad, Not That Good

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We finally broke down "Twilight" from Netflix.It wasn't that good. It wasn't that bad, either.

My wife and I are in our mid-30s. We like good movies and we appreciate good science fiction or fantasy. We don't do romantic comedies or romantic epics. But many of our 20-something friends liked this "Twilight" movie and we wanted to see what the hype was all about.

I'll keep the Twilight plot short: girl moves into perpetually cloudy town with her father. Goes to high school. Boys like her, girls like her. But one boy in class doesn't seem to want to be anywhere near her. She finds out he's a vampire. He takes her to meet his family. They fall in love, but can't do anything beyond a kiss because he's afraid he'd kill her. They run into bad guy vampires that want to kill her.

Now, my problems with the movie begin at the beginning: vampires. Yes, the entertaintment industry has had many interpretations of vampires, but this is the first one I've seen where vampires glisten and glitter in the sun. They don't die, burn up or anything like that. They just shine. This was so far from vampire lore that I couldn't believe that Bella (the girl, played by a moody Kristen Stewart) and Edward (played by a forever-brooding Robert Pattinson) had a real element of forbidden danger in it. Edward and his family barely ate rats. We decided to just watch the movie as if it were another unrequited love story. We weren't interested enough in the movie to check out the extra scenes or the commentary, so I can't comment on those.

I also didn't believe for a minute that Bella or Edward or Jacob ( a grown up "shark boy" Taylor Lautner with an impossibly bad wig) were in high school. The Cullen clan and Bella just seemed way too old; they should have been teaching the chemistry class rather than acting as students.

Having said that, Twilight wasn't a horrible movie. We laughed at most of it, but we wanted to see how it ended. I can't say that for many other vampire movies I've seen. I think Stewert and Pattinson had great chemistry. It was entertaining to see Anna Kedrick playing a smaller "best friend" role even though she is now Oscar-nominated for Up In The Air. And from the advertisements I wouldn't mind seeing New Moon. But was I made a fan of Team Jacob, Team Edward or Team Twilight? Not hardly.