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Twilight Saga

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Denise Wy By Denise Wy on
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The saga that took the world by storm.

Who would have thought that vampires will become popular again. Since Anne Rice, no other author had created a vampire story that took the interest of the world. But then, Stephenie Meyer came.

I was first introduced to the book by my friend. He told me that his lover loves a character named Edward so much that he's already getting jealous. I asked him for the title of the book.

That's where it all began.

I purchased my copy of twilight a month after my friend told me about it. Right on the first chapter, I was hooked! I can't stop reading it! Then I bought newmoon and eclipse. Two months after that Breaking Dawn was released. The story revolves around a hot vampire who fell in love with a simpleton lady then poof! It became an instant hit!

Stephenie Meyer's style of story telling is so great! You can feel that it is as if you are a part of the story. You can feel every characters emotion. Most importantly, it's not draggy.

The story was nicely written and each character has a distinct trait that makes it more interesting.

No wonder that six years after Twilight's first release, more and more people are still buying it.

When the twilight movie was released, it became the talk of the town for weeks! Though some were disappointed with the movie adaptation. I personally find

it great. Not as good as the book ofcourse but I give it a five star.

Twilight has a millions and millions of fans worlwide. It was also translated in different languages. Teens fell in love with Edward and men hated him. Funny how a fictional character was able to steal the hearts of female teens worldwide.

With Twilight's success, more aspiring authors are using vampires as subject to their pieces which makes the vampires overused.

But to sum it all up, Meyer's Twilight saga has taken the world by storm.