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Twilight Saga Book 4 Breaking Dawn

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By ladychai on
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I believe everyone of us have a fantasy hoping that one day it will come true. Stephenie Meyer provided insights of this fantasy every woman has. Finding our one true love, beating all the odds, fulfilling our essence through motherhood and everlasting happiness.

Of all the book in the Twilight Saga, it is Breaking Dawn that I love the most. First, I was rather disappointed with the heroin of the story, Bella seems naive, clumsy and typical damsel in distress. But Breaking Dawn illustrated a different Bella, a more mature one. Contrary to what other reviews state, specially that of the feminist reviewer, in Breaking Dawn, women was depicted as a stronger specie, with power better than that of Edward's. Somehow I began to like Bella here in this book. She is not so typically ordinary afterall.

For me, women's accomplishment is not only through levelling with that of the men. Strength is not only depicted in being able to finish school, finding a job and getting a promotion. Rather it is being able to choose what we believe is right and stick to our decisions no matter if there are people who would oppose this. In Breaking Dawn, Bella showed how strong she is by deciding on keeping her child even if there is a big chance that this decision will cost her, her life.

I also admired Leah Clearwater, it is not easy to take part in a world were your lost love is constantly hunting you. Her choice of breaking free showed her strength when she decided to join Jacob's pact. I should know, I see my ex husband in the office everyday and neither of us wants to quit our jobs, how much more sharing your thoughts with this person that cost you so much pain? It is hard but she was able to free herself and I admire her for that.

Not to be biased with team Edward but I do admire Jacob, not because of Taylor Lautner and his ever display of six packs during the movie New Moon. His faithfulness to his friendship with Bella and his love for Bella made him my most favorite hero. This is something rare for men to endure. It is not easy to see the love of your life love someone else yet there he was, no matter how much pain he still remain a friend you can lean on. Such a rare quality indeed.

Twilight Saga maybe a book for teenagers but every woman has this vision of life in eternity. Although it was kind of selfishly depicted by Bella but somehow love can make us selfish, jealous most of the time but if you look at it in a different view. It is the overflowing love that we have for our partners that make us vulnerable to decisions that tend to reflect as a selfish act eventhough it is not really what we intend it to be.