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Twilight Series: Book 1

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Twilight is a science fiction book made for the hopeless romantic.

Main character Isabella (Bella) Swan moves from her mother and stepfather in sunny Arizona to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father. Forks is horrible for Bella. Rain, clouds, and them some more rain. Then there are the strange boys in class that seem to find ways to innocently torment her by following her around and constantly hinting a crush. It seems like the crap never goes away.

Until, hallelujah!

Average Bella meets Edward Cullen, the god of all gods. (Hercules would be ashamed.). She reiterates over and over again how she is blinded by his beauty. But okay, we get it. She thinks he's smokin'.

Who knew that Edward Cullen would find interest in her? Well, not Bella of course. He stuns her over and over again by suddenly appearing to save her at any time of need. She essentially becomes the damsel in distress. Bella notes, she is so clumsy that it could be a disability.

Typicalities after typicalities. You would think Miss Meyer herself was bored writing the story already.

Surprisingly not.

Because in truth, Edward holds a dark secret. His skin is not ice cold for no reason, it's not just through luck that he saves Bella everytime her savior is called for, and he wouldn't so easily have been the godliest man on earth otherwise. It's a secret enough to keep Edward from Bella. Yet at the same time, not enough of a threat to keep him away from her.

However Bella and Edward's blooming romance soon swirls into pools of tension and near death crisises. The two must decide whether they will risk

their lives to be together, or risk their hearts to be apart.

Despite the flaws and cliche plot line in Twilight, Stephenie Meyer takes teenage love to the next level in such a way that would bring Romeo and Juliet to shame.