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Twilight The Movie,Based On The Book

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I like so many other Twilight series readers was stocked for the new movie Twilight to hit the big screen. I paid full price at the theatres to see this movie- and wish I only would have sprung for the matinee. Twilight is the story of a young girl, Bella who moves in with her dad in a town called Forks and falls in love with Edward who happens to be a vampire. The book was a million times better than the movie. I did not like Kristen Stewart who played Bella, because I was biased and had seen pictures of her smoking a pipe (probably not the kind filled with tobacco) all over the internet prior to watching the movie. Robert Pattinson who played Edward was good. I was disappointed with the make-up. Duh, the vampires are supposed to be pale. They were for the most part but there was this one scene with Edward showing more of a tan on his chest and a pale face. They seriously needed a better budget for this movie. The direction of the whole film was kind of off. For instance there is a close-up of Edward where you can actually see his contacts. I would recommend this if you are a die hard fan. I definately recommend the book over the movie. Although Robert is pretty drool worthy- bad make-up and all. They are making a sequel and I seriously hope that one is better. Not the worst movie I have ever seen but by far not the best.

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