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Twilight The Novel

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Stephenie Meyer is the next Anne Rice.This Vampire - Human forbidden love has reached box - office hits not only in the bookstores but also in the movies.There is a current scarcity on the book due to its popularity.

Twilight is a story of a vampire named Edward Cullen which lives together with her foster family, the Cullens and the Hales who chose to live a normal life (well sort of) with humans in Forks, where most of the time the sun is away and is always raining. This was the perfect place for them to live normally without their being vampires unnoticedThey call themselves vegetarians because they only feed on animal blood.Edward' s peaceful and ordinary life changed when Isabella Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan, Forks Chief of Police moved into Forks. Edward got so much adtracted to the girls scent, making him want to taste her blood.As the story went on, Edward fell deeply inlove with Bella.Bella on the other hand was also deeply inlove with Edward even if she already knew he was a vampire. Everthing tured out good, their love story where very romantic and a true chick flick story.The highlight of the story was when James, a non-vegetarian vampire together with his coven crossed path with Bella, Edward and the Cullens.James wanted to suck the blood out of Bella, and of course Edward and his family defended and fought for her survival.Edward was able to kill James and was able to prevent Bella from transforming to a vampire.

The story is a worl-wide hit.A movie was created based on the story and was a big hit.The next book of Twilight, New Moon is now being movie made for this years next big hit.The third book of the Twilight Saga is Eclipse and the last one is the Breaking Dawn.The Twilight series is now a certified World-Wide Phenomena.