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By jessicutioner on
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Stephenie Meyer takes the bag when it comes to transforming classical ideas and imagery of vampires into originality. Twilight is most certainly not your average bloodsucking violent novel full to the brim with rampaging creatures of the night, but rather a lighter side to the emotions that live within the few of the vampires that exist with ties to their humanity. The main character, Edward Cullen, who lives among his adopted family of vampires who consider themselves to be "vegetarians", living off of anything but human blood, finds himself falling madly in love with a girl who is the exact definition of what he has been running from throughout his entire existence. This twist of fate spirals down into an intangible rope of desires and tests against his will as he fights for what he believes in and loves, against the constant warnings from his family. Twilight is full of unexpected twists of adventure, piles of emotion, and roller coaster rides of action, making it a must read for every teen wishing to someday find their very own vampire.