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Twin Draft Guard As Seen On Tv

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The Northwest can be a cold, windy and wet place to be for 6 months out of the year and I've always had problems keeping those cold drafts from getting into my older home. In the past, I've used rugs, towels, and those cute little door draft animal things to keep the air from getting in under my front door. These items all worked fine at keeping the cold air from coming in but they kept everything else from coming in also! Trying to open the door from the outside was nearly impossible to do with all these items blocking it. That all changed when I saw the commercail for Twin Draft Guard on TV. I don't usually fall for TV commercial products but I thought this one just might be the answer I needed. It might even save me some money in the long run on my heating bill.

They are 19.99 for a set of two plus shipping. It's a little expensive for a couple pieces of foam covered in material but they have proven to be worth the money! You simply cut the foam tubes to just under the width of the door and trim away the excess material. They do stop any and all drafts from coming in and they move very easily with the door when opening. The only drawback would be having a rug inside the door that is hard to move over with the door guard. Otherwise it glides wonderfully over tile and carpet without an extra rug. I've been using this for most of the winter and can tell a huge difference! More can be seen at http://www.twindraftguard.com/.