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Twist N Mop Not Bad For A String Mop

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I have a temporary job this week painting apartments. All the supplies are provided for me. There was a brand new O Cedar Mop waiting for me, so I got to try it out when it was at its best. I am not a big fan of mops of any kind. My grandmother insisted that the only way to get a floor clean was to get down on your knees and scrub. Not many of her ideas stuck hard on me, but that one did.

However, there are times when a mop works pretty well, and if I have to use one I do prefer a string mop to a sponge mop. So this toy already had that going for it.

I have mentioned in another review that this apartment was occupied by a family that had to be evicted. There have been things on the walls that we don’t want to mention here. Well, the room that I worked in on Tuesday had a sticky floor. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I got home and there was all kinds of goop stuck to my jeans. I think I don’t want to know what it was, but I decided that I was not working in that room again until the floor was cleaner. So I opened up the mop.

The strings are attached to the end of the handle and also to a sliding tube. When you push the tube down toward the end of the handle the strings will fold in half and make a mop head. After you slosh this in the water you pull the tube up until the strings are flat around the handle, twist the tube, and it rings out the strings without ever getting your hands wet. There is a green locking ring above the tube that you screw down to hold the mop head in place. Push the tube back down to “re-make” the mop head. There is a green locking ring above the tube that you screw down to hold the mop head in place.

For sheer ingenuity, this is great. The execution isn’t quite right. When you push the tube down the handle the strings tend to catch. You have to sort of shake them down into place. Not too big a deal, but a bit annoying if you had a lot of mopping to do. The biggest flaw is in the locking ring. It screws down and you need to make several turns with it to hold it in place. This should be redesigned to just be some sort of one-twist locking cam.

There is a pad of scrubby stuff at the end of the handle which is revealed when you pull the strings up. I used it on one tough spot, and it works ok, but I think it would wear out long before the mop does.

There is also a rubber gripper on the handle to make it easier to hold the mop. This is nice. And there is a plastic fitting with a hole at the top of the handle for hanging.

How well does the mop work? Well, it’s a string mop... you can’t get in the corners, and you can’t really scrub hard. I’ll never buy one, but if you like string mops, it’s better than some.

This was purchased at an Ace Hardware for $14.49.