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Twisted Metal 2

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By hawki320 on
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Wow, did this game take me back! After its release, I spent countless days playing this game. I loved Twisted Metal 1, and was ecstatic that Twisted Metal 2 offered a multiplayer mode. Gone were the days of handing off the controller to a friend after I lost; now we could tackle the game together. Back then, I would have given this game an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 based on its replay value, graphics, and overall level of enjoyment. Unfortunately, Twisted Metal 2, like most early Playstation games, did NOT age well.

The graphics featured in Twisted Metal 2 are bad enough to make the game almost impossible to play. I am constantly getting attacked by surprise because I first have to decipher just what exactly is on the screen before I can do anything. The outdated D-pad controls make driving a cumbersome ordeal. And the soundtrack doesn't quite get the adrenaline pumping like it used to.

All told, the game is still a blast to play. Once I readjusted to the first gen polygons (there are about 8 on screen at a time), I remembered exactly why I used to love this game. The action is nonstop, the endings are rewarding enough to warrant playthroughs for all the characters, and the co-op multiplayer is as good as any on the Playstation. Twisted Metal 2 is still one of the best car-based fighting games ever made.