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Twister Dvd Dolby Digital Review

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By mary on
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This DVD of the movie "Twister " stars Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. It is an explosive display of nature's fury. The sound effects are absolutely thrilling to a heightened point of drawing the viewer in believing they are actually in the midst of all the terrifying action. The purpose of the main characters is to try to launch electronic sensors into the center of the swirling funnel of the twister. They hope to collect sufficient data to improve a warning system for the public. The immense destructive power of the twister tosses houses, trucks, animals and people as though they were toothpicks. This is a fast moving movie that leaves the viewer with a huge respect for Mother Nature. This DVD offers behind the scenes footage along with astounding visual effects. It lasts 113 exciting minutes and is in vivid color. I can actually envision myself drawn into every action packed scene filled with the uncontrolable wrath of nature. It certainly set my heart pounding and I was relieved when the movie was over.