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Two Past Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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This novella is the second novella in the Four Past Midnight series written by Stephen King. This is Two Pas Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden. You may remember this novella was turned into a film a few years ago called Secret Window.

The story line is about an author (Mort Reiney) who has just gone through a messy divorce and is living in a lake side cabin alone for awhile. A southern man (John Shooter) comes to his door one day and accuses him of stealing his story. He wants revenge for this story and he will go to any means to get what he wants, even murder. Mort has to go through many trials to be ride of this southern farmer but nothing seems to satisfy this mysterious man. In the end you find out that Mort Reiney is John Shooter and is doing these crazy thing himself.

Now if you have seen the film version of this novella the ending in the film is much different then what the actual written story ends. (Personally I like the film ending better, it's more dramatic the the written ending). It kind of reminds me of what John Shooter wanter wanted Mort to do in the film..."fix the ending."

On it's own the his novella is a good read. There really isnt too much suspence in it and it doesn't really feel Stephen Kingish but it's still a good story. The ending is very disappointing though.