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Typer Shark: Shoot Sharks By Typing Words!

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Typer Shark is a word game that offers a fun way to test and improve your typing skills. It is addictive, too - when I had first discovered it on Yahoo, I got stuck playing for almost an hour. The game is very easy to figure out, plus there are explanations provided before you start each new level. You have this diver guy who dives in the ocean, and evil sharks start coming at him. Each shark has a word on its side, and you must type the word in order to kill the shark. As soon as the word is typed, the shark explodes and goes belly up (I love that).

With more than one shark coming at once, it becomes more difficult to keep up. Each new level adds different kinds of dangers: small piranhas that only have one letter on their side, or a character like "#" or "&" that you need to hit in order to kill them; black sharks that have two words, not one, and you must type both; then there are also ghost sharks that have no word on them - until they swim up dangerously close to your diver guy, leaving you less time to type & kill them (this will make you nervous!). If you are not fast enough, and any of the sharks reaches the diver, they will snatch the poor fellow.

The game has several difficulty levels. I choose the easiest, and I am a fairly good typer, but even the easiest one gets pretty challenging on the more advanced levels. If and when the diver reaches the bottom on the ocean, which is the objective of each level, he must pick up treasure from a shipwreck. For that, you will have bonus words to type within a certain time limit. Those are difficult! They come up with most unusual, long, rarely used words for the bonus. Depending on how many you manage to type in right, your diver guy will have collected different kinds of gems.

I love it how this game puts my typing skills to the test and at the same time keeps me engaged and entertained. Each level offers something new, so I never get bored with it. This would be a great tool to help kids learn typing, too. Thumbs up to Typer Shark!