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U Haul 4'x8' Trailer

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When my hubby and I were moving for the first time, we decided to rent a small unit from U-Haul. We didn't really need much more room so we rented the smallest one we could. As far as space, this was a great size. As far as hauling and price, it was horrible!


Size- We were able to get quite a bit in this trailer. We did not even have to pack it to the top! We had plenty of room for more things, but decided to use it for blankets for padding. If you are looking to move large pieces of furniture though, this is not the trailer for you. This is more for small coffee tables, chairs, and boxes.


Hauling- This has to be one of the worst trailers we have ever pulled with my hubby's truck! He could not go over about 60mph or the trailer would start shaking back and forth. This would make steering the truck almost impossible. The drive that should have taken about 7 hours took 8 because we had to slow down. We placed everything inside the trailer so the weight was equally distributed, but it still didn't help.

Safety of items inside- While the inside of the trailer was clean and smooth, there was no padding or support straps to protect our stuff. We had to use pillows and blankets to keep some of our stuff from moving around too much or hitting the sides. And of course this trailer is not an air-ride and did not have good shocks at all. I was watching the whole thing bounce over every little bump on the road.

Price- We had to rent this small trailer for 3 days total. We were also told we had to pay for insurance and some other stupid fee I can't remember. From the price it was listed at on the brochure ($170), we had to add around $80 extra in fees and taxes. We really needed the extra hauling room, but we were not happy about the price at all!