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Ub Cable? Ubs Cable? Usb Cable! Ah Same Thing!

Reviewing: Staples 7ft. Usb 2.0 A/B Cables (Gold Series)  |  Rating:
forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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I know what you're thinking - "did you really have to review a SPECIFIC USB cable? I mean, aren't they all the same, since they all serve the same purpose and work the same way"? Sure, you're right on the fact that any USB cable does indeed do just that - that being connect two devices to one another in order for the "functioning part" to step in. Such as, for example in perhaps the most common case a printer that would have to be attached to a computer by the means of a USB cable in order to actually do what a printer was made to do - that is, of course, without any use of rocket science, print.

Yes, there are those "all-in-one" models that people usually shoot for nowadays given the whole overall bargain of the product, but it's basically the same case, with the exception of the "fax" feature that is included with several models that are widely available throughout your local retail stores. Copying is also similar to the fax scenario, but with that aside, this particular USB cable as created by Staples happens to be not only sexy-looking (that's right, I went there as eccentric as it may sound - or maybe its just that it matches with my computer set), but also durable and overall, promising for such a product priced at $25 (this is for the seven feet cable - they have up to sixteen as far as I'm concerned).

We're talking about a cable that has been STEPPED ON by a 228-pounder (no, not myself; a cousin of mine accidentally happened to be vertically riding on it with the heel of his right foot), and boy, when that happened, I was nothing but flabbergasted. I mean, absolutely anyone would have thought that it was done, "finito" (is that French for finished? you tell me!) and that obviously wasn't the case and simply alone because of this case, I guess you can say that I was inspired to write a review just on a cable that pretty much does the same thing as all the other ones. Fast speeds as promised as far as transferring between two devices go, and that's definitely a plus. Without a doubt, this cable made by Staples happens to be a truly great one - yes, even if it's ONLY a cable!