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Ugh! A Family Of Pimples Moved In!!!

Reviewing: Avon Solutions Hydro Firming Night Cream  |  Rating:
Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I bought this product because I have combination skin with some dry patches and that tight feeling also I thought maybe some firming would do me some good...and I really like most Avon products.


The first 5 ingredients listed are






This product does contain oils, soybean oil and jojoba seed oil are listed.

I have added the website information if you would like to view the full ingredients list:


This cream is said to contain Avon's Bio6 technology that contains "6 firming boosters that protect the natural structure of the skin, and reprogram skin to lock in moisture".

Avon says that this is for women with dry skin and lack of firmness. I don't have a real lack of firmness but I figured that I'm not getting any younger..better start now.


I tried this about a month and a half ago. I only used it twice because of the negative effects I had and I didn't like the way it felt going on.

I'll say this, it was very thick, pretty greasy, so I used it both times at night( like they say ) before bed and after cleansing.

I didn't use any other products with it.

It took a long time to absorb and even then it felt kind of heavy and left my face shiny and a little sticky feeling...I can't remember what if any the fragrance was like.

After the first time I used this, when I got up in the morning my face felt really hydrated, no dry tight feeling, and was very smooth. but as I was washing my face I could feel the "slick" of it and when I was done washing there was that tight feeling again. Which I thought was odd because my skin really did feel so good before I washed it! It seems like there was a coating or layer of the product that washed off and when it did ..left my skin the same as it was before I had used the product.

I decided to give it a fair chance and try it again that night..the next morning when I got up I had little red mosquito bite looking bumps on my chin, my cheeks and my forehead (five total)!! UGH GREAT!

At this point I have to tell you that I haven't had any kind of acne in years and these were most definitely pimples.

I immediately washed my face ( again that slimey feeling was there and the tightness afterwards)

I decided I wasn't going to use again and gave it to my mother in law ( I wasn't trying to be mean)..who loves it.

Maybe my skin isn't/ wasn't dry enough to use this product, but I still wouldn't recommend this product because I had such bad effects when I used it! I do wonder if this would be a good product for someone with really dry skin...

Avon doesn't mention if this product is suitable for sensitive skin.