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Uh, Could You Hold This For Me Please?

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One can't really help but to be thankful and appreciative of the new (but not SO new) technology and "mucho" convenience that is the flash drive. With the creation of these, floppy disks are simply a thing of the past - and to be completely forgotten about due to its considerably pathetic capacity at only 1.44MBs, as compared to capacities much, MUCH higher than that. Don't get me wrong, floppy disks were indeed useful back then - for document storage that is - but now, in this present point and time, there's more of a "worry-free" feeling given the obvious difference when comparing previous generation to a newer, modern generation of products. Those days are over (and have been) - no more worrying about the extreme fragility from floppy disks (whereas if one were to mess with the slider and the lens, it would just die off at that point).

That being said - this little PNY flash drive which comes with a necklace strip happens to be a flash drive that simply does "the job". When I went out to take advantage of a $9.99 sale, that's all I had in mind - flash drive with no other stuff; just a whole blank "hungry" space, waiting to "digest" files so to speak and that's exactly what this little bad boy gives you. Wait, isn't backing up important? I mean, you wouldn't want your files to be completely "annihilated" - well, thing is, this is simply just a flash drive, serving the purpose of allowing you to store files - and that's it. No wasting space with unnecessary programs unlike SanDisk's U3 Flash Drives (of course, you can always uninstall that stuff; but it's just too tempting to not do it with the feeling that you may need just that one day) - it's nothing but a storage house, and a good one at that since it reads and connects through (internally, not physically!) the computer faster than the other ones in my possession.

With a nice gray/purple design that also includes a cap to prevent the port from being possibly damaged from anything such as dust, scratches and whatnot when not in use, and especially considering that I had bought this fo a considerable steal at only $9.99 - there's no doubt that with this flash drive courtesy of PNY (a newer, but not so new brand that usually specializes in the creation of storage devices such as memory cards, computer memory (RAM) and of course, flash drives), you just can't go wrong.