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Ultimate Spider Man Is Great But Short

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Ultimate Spider Man is compatible with both Gamecube and Wii. This game follows the Ultimate Spider Man comic series so it doesn't follow the storyline that we're all accustomed to from the recent cartoon series or movies. In this, Peter Parker is 15 and best friends with Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote turns out to be an experimental cure of cancer made by Eddie and Peter's parents.

The game is relatively short but enjoyable. After each stage you're left to wander the city freely to find things like collectibles, race Johnny Storm for speed upgrades, and help the city - taking people to the hospital, stopping Shocker (somehow he escapes and causes trouble non-stop, no real plot, you just spot him and beat him up), fighting a gang of thugs, or chasing a car. Hunting for these events gets so boring and repetative that you really get tired of it after a while and really just want to get to the next part already.

You can also play as Venom, but in the endgame, you really have nothing to do. If you choose Venom, you're just destroying vehicles, draining energy from people, and battling the military to see how long you can survive and how many points you can rack up. As Spider Man, you can just web around to collect stuff and do more of those stupid mini-missions to try to unlock the Black Suit Spider-Man, but it takes such a ridiculous amount of time, I think most players just give up and move on to a new game.

The controls are incredible though. Its awesome to web around the city and do all kinds of stunts and acrobatics and stuff. Ever now and that I go back to play just to web sling and stuff.

Great graphics, good character design, the story is decent, but it just lacks more depth. Its way too quick.

The recent Spider Man games - Spider Man 3, Web of Shadows, and Friend or Foe were pretty terrible. They had a great thing going with Ultimate Spiderman and if they could just make a sequel with more events, more interaction with the Marvel universe, and a more stages along with a more expansive story, then there'd finally be 1 perfect Spider Man game. Right now, the best superhero game I can think of is X-Men Legends.

Since its a few years old now the price is about $10 so if you find it, get it. You'll enjoy it.

Update On Aug 02, 2009: The game's challenge level is also worth mentioning. Its got a medium level difficulty so I think most players can complete it with some effort as opposed to requiring incredible gaming skills.