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Ultra Era Free Wont Be In My Future

Reviewing: Era Ultra Free 2 X Liquid Laundry 50 Oz  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Of the three dye and perfume free liquid detergents I’ve tried this year, I’ve liked Era the least.

We used to use Era regularly when we still had a houseful of boys. It really got the dirt out and was reasonably priced. So when they put this on sale for the same price as Jump, the store brand that I use most often now, I bought two jugs. I’ll use them up, but they sure aren’t my favorite. I had also bought a jug of the Our Family store brand. All are 2X concentrated, so it has been easy to compare them.

In the past few years I’ve needed to switch to detergents that are free of scent. I can’t tolerate the smell of my clothes if they have been washed in scented products.

The Era Ultra Free detergent usually sells for $5.59 for the 32 load 2X concentrate. This is $1.50 more than the regular price of Jump, and $2.50 more than the Our Family Brand. So I would not have tried it at all except that it was on sale.

All three seem to clean clothes equally well. I don’t have any complaints or kudos for any of them. But I’m not too fussy about laundry. And I use less detergent, so I can wash quite a few more than 32 loads from a jug.

All have #2 recyclable plastic jugs, and contain no phosphorus.

All three have the new design of no-spill cap, but I think that both store-brand jugs have the better design. In fact, both of those jugs are identical except for the color. The Era cap has lower sides, and it’s much easier to spill detergent from. The Era cap is also wider. It’s not too wide for my hands, but it is a little more awkward; I have small hands.

The Ultra Era Free has a definite chemical odor. It almost smells like latex paint. It doesn’t seem to leave that smell on the clothes, and it doesn’t make me sneeze like the perfumes, but I have to wonder what gives it that odor.

I just don’t think that this does anything better than the generic brands to justify the cost, and I like the cap and the odor the least of the three that I have tried. I won’t buy this again, even on sale.