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Ultra Light Freedom Rolling Walker Review

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My Mother-in-law fell and broke her collarbone as well as four ribs. She is in her late 80's and lives alone so her safety is always a concern. She was able to quickly call for help with her lifeline necklace. After a week in the hospital, she was transferred to a short term facility where she spent a month. She is now home (with a chore helper and visiting nurse) and working on getting back to her independent lifestyle she so misses. We picked her up the UltraLight Freedom Rolling Walker (at Costco) at the suggestion of her therapist.

A Lightweight Choice

My mother-in-law is tiny and so it was important that it she have a walker she could move around on her own. The UltraLight Freedom Rolling Walker has an aluminum frame (strengthened with carbon fiber) and weighs only 10.2 pounds - about 40% less than most walkers! Since it is so lightweight, she is able to manipulate it should she get "trapped" in a corner.

To transport it, you just fold it together and the light weight allows it to be easily put into and out of the car.

Take A Little Break

One of the nice things over the walker she used at the facility is this one has a chair she can sit in. this is a real advantage in my mind, as she has a tendency to push herself. I go over every other day and we go for a little walk. Having the option to stop and rest has allowed her to venture out more which is of course important to her recovery. We are able to walk a bit and then take a little break while we enjoy the flowers. Yesterday she wanted to do some work in her garden so he took the walker outside and she did her trimming while sitting in walker which worked out perfectly!

Using The Walker

The UltraLight Freedom Rolling Walker is like all walkers, used to bring stability to an unstable walker. This walker has four wheels which also help with the stability. The most important thing to remember with this walker is to remember to lock the brakes every time you sit down. The brakes are up on the handles are locked by clicking them up. This assures that the walker will hold steady when she first holds on to it. If the brakes are not locked, the walker could easily move away and cause her to fall face forward! That thought freaked me out and so I took a red sticker and stuck them on the ends of the handles to remind her until it became a habit.

Walker Extras

The seat is not only helpful, it can be adjusted from 18" to 23", making sure it properly fits the user.

The UltraLight Freedom Rolling Walker has a zippered canvas bag to store things in. For added flexibility, the bag is removable and has a shoulder strap attached. The bag fits under the seat so it is out of the way keeping any valuables safe as well as easily accessible.

The PVC handgrips are ergonomically designed for both comfort and ease of use.

The UltraLight Freedom Rolling Walker was not covered by Medicare so we bought it for her as an early birthday gift. Knowing that she is much safer using it makes me happy we were able to get it for her.