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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Indiana Jones is a timeless character in a series of movies. There hasn't been a video game that has approched this character until now. Nathan Drake, the main character of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, is similar to Indiana Jones in that he is fighting in jungles, fighting many different bad guys, and following a trail for treasue. The game around him, though, also shines.

This game for the Playstation 3 is probably the best game to come out in the year 2007. It's a third-person action/adventure game that pits the protagonist in a search for ancient treasure that belonged to Sir Francis Drake. The player plays on islands, in castle ruines, in caves, and through jungles. The graphics that accompany these locales are amazing. The lighting reflects and bounces all around, and the definition that goes allong with every item is wonderful. The effects are nice too, although they aren't the focus of the game. Sound design is also spectacular. The jungle around Drake is alive with animals and sounds, and the guns and speech are nice too. The spoken words are generally humorous also.

The action, though, is where the game shines. The gunplay is nice, frantic, and in some parts, fairly difficult. The adventure aspect to the game may have been less than what it could have been, but there are platforming parts and puzzles that are inbetween the battles with the enemies. The pacing is some of the best I've ever seen, as it never seems like the player has been playing for that long. There is never a lack of action, and it moves so well that the player will never feel like stopping.

The game is a nice use of the Playstation 3 technology as it has set new marks for graphics and sound design, as well as fun. It will be nice to see where this new game series goes from here, as I expect it to be a popular game and franchise for years to come.