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Uncle Sam

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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The Storyline

Uncle Sam is back and no hes not looking for a few good men, but instead hes looking for some revenge such asdraft dodgers, tax cheats, and people who maker fun of patriotic americans. The movie is about a soldier who was found that was missing in action whos name happened to be Sam. The movie sets things up to where the storyline is somewhat predictable later on. You just know some of characters in the movie are going to be killed by what they do or say.

Recognizable Actors

Singer Isaac Hayes(also the voice of chef on South Park) plays a big part throughout the film and is involved in many of the scenes. He happens to be the only person I recognize acting in the film.

Slasher Films and the Creativity of the Kill

Just like all Slasher Films creating a different way of finishing off victoms is needed in order to seperate the film from other Slashers. Uncle Sam finishes people off he doesn't like in some symbolic ways when it comes to the 4th of July. My favorite slasher scene involves the person who plays the congressman and how he happens to be the highlighting moment of the celebration, lol.

How Well Does the Film Stand Out?

You know how really good films have people in struggles and just when you think its going to be over its far from it. This movie doesn't have that type of struggle to it. It just seems to end too soon but this isn't Box Office material, lol. I'm actually glad it ended sooner though as I've seen so many horror movies that are too similar too this. Yeah the setting is somewhat different but the usual rountine of slashers such as killing isn't. Overall this isn't that different when compared to other slashers.


If I'm going to watch a twisted horror movie such as this I like to see some humor involved as well. Reading a description of the film before deciding to watch it was funny in a twisted way, but when it came to watching it I can't say it was that funny. Very few parts of this movie had humor to it. Sometimes just the characters alone in a horror movie give it humor. This did that somewhat but not that much. Was I offended then? No, I can't say I was as I'm quite tolerant of stuff I see on tv.


The main people in charge of making the film (3 of them) talk in the background on the extra features. They tell where the film scenes were actually made along with all the inside details only the creators would know. Also Singer Isaac Hayes talks throughout the film in another part of the extras.


The movie may be offensive to some but if your part of the younger generation who seem to be more tolerant of stuff on television and like horror films it might be right up your alley. However, for me the movie isn't special and nothing really stands out when it comes to other Slasher horror films I've seen. Its just another B-Movie Slasher film with a little bit of creative spin. I've seen other B-Movie horror films that I remember and liked much better than this movie. Rumpelstiltskin is one of those better B-Horror films and which was also funny. I recommend Rumpelstiltskin instead of this movie. I wouldn't mind renting Rumpelstiltskin again. I would like to review it.