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Under Pressure To Wash The Driveway?

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Image for under PRESSURE to WASH the driveway?

Having lived in an HOA community last year…. I kept receiving letter that my sidewalks needed to be power washed. Funny, I thought the town owned the sidewalks.

So, off to find a pressure washer I went. I knew I didn’t want the cost associated with a Gas powered pressure washer. My dad has one, and as great as it is, with the forceful water, I didn’t need anything that large. I did some window shopping online, and found one at Walmart that looked exactly what I was looking for.

This is an electric washer, and it’s quiet. Ok, it’s quieter than the Gas powered engines. This is a Karcher, and it’s a pretty nice machine. It’s portable, so I can move it into small areas that the larger washers may not fit (up on a patio landing… or covered walkway)

Its 1500 PSI, which is great for things that are not that dirty- meaning you are trying not to get moss off the side of your house. It gets the dirt and scum off of the driveway, and sidewalks. It also does clean the siding, and patio furniture, without ripping them up, as a more powerful machine might do.

The hose has a variable nozzle, you can make it a flat stream, or a more powerful round one.

Its very easy to hook up. One hose in, and your washer hose out. It also comes with a cleaning cup, that you can put some type of cleaner in, if you wish. (perhaps for a car, or furniture) I just use the water.

This weighs about 17 pounds, but you don’t carry it, it sits on the ground. The washer hose is 20 foot, so you can get a great distance before you have to move the washer.

This also has an auto shut off, meaning, the motor will shut off if you are not forcing water through it. The motor only operates when you use the pressure hose. The sound is very quiet, Its electric, so the motor doesn’t run continuously.

This is a great compact machine for someone who doesn’t have a lot to wash (miles of driveway), or someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for a product they will only use a few times a year.