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Undergroud Explore

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agus47 By agus47 on
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These games are entry in the genre category Puzzle Adventure and the rate class is E (Everyone).

If you like a game that can improve the working brain, then you should try this game. RHEM2 game is a continuation of that already from RHEM1 preceded this game. In RHEM2, you stay on with the type of adventure puzzles, which require you to drain the brain in order to solve all the puzzles in this game.In the beginning, you will take a subway to the city RHEM located in the undergrounds and you must explore also investigated. On the way lead ending for this game, you will be expel by many ordinary puzzle before reaching the end of this game.

My experience.

In terms of control to run this game very easy, because not many things difficult problems in control. However, all problems come from how you solve the puzzle in this game; because you can only spin in one location do not know if the lock of a door is located. For example in the puzzle room, which require that we enter the correct room in order to find a key. Or door puzzle, where each entering a door, the other door will be close. But, thus this is the fun game it is, because the types of challenges we met are varied and sometimes very frustrating.

My Opinion.

This game is quite unique and interesting. I highly recommend this game for fans who just like the game type puzzle, other than to sharpen the brain, can also sharpen strategies in running a plan.

My suggestion.

If you are confused in the play this game, try provide a pen and paper to record or drawing a map in entering a room, so you will not forget where the actual key position. And often to save the game.


For the gamer or the parent, always note the rate class before buying. Customize with your child's age. Because as long as my knowledge, many games that are only entertaining but not educate. So, all depends on your control.

by Agus47