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Underrated And Great: Rock N Roll Soldiers

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Quick! Name a great band you can rock out to that carries its own independence with pride? Eugene, Ore.'s Rock N Roll Soldiers has all that and a CD to back it up.

Loud, brash and apparently aware that they're the total ish, the RNR Soldiers are one of those bands that probably kick ass live just as much as the attitude present in The Two EPs. I say "probably" because they currently (as of fall 2007) are touring across Europe.

What you get with The Two EPs is an aptly named package deal that combines most of their material from their two EPs into one full-length CD. The songs are largely what you get with their first album "So Many Musicians To Kill", although I would say this is a better track arrangement.

The first three -- Anthem, Flag Song and Funny Little Feeling -- make the album a good purchase in itself. The CD gets a bit weak after that but doesn't run out of gas because there are some great songs after this perfect trifecta. The overall track list hurts replayability -- I remember being at first disappointed later on in the CD -- but still is a good album and band to consider.

The songs rock hard -- only without that pig-sound crap that some rock bands do. This is one of those bands where the music is fun -- and you can tell they're having fun while recording it. Look 'em up on YouTube and you'll see. Attitude is everything.

The lyrics never delve into anger, hurt or depression like some rock bands. This is more like a fun band to listen to -- the lyrics don't really mean anything, but they aren't supposed to. The point is more to rock out and have fun.

If you like Bang Camaro, this actually is probably up your alley. Like I said, I bet the RNR Soldiers kick ass live at least just as much as they do on CD.

Overall, this is one of those bands to listen to while largely on your own and you want to lift your spirits. The fact the songs don't sound like the commercial crap presented on your local rock radio station makes it somewhat of an acquired taste. Your more uptight friends wouldn't necessarily know what to do with this band and would need to have an interest in this kind of upfront refreshing rock music before you share it with them. That doesn't mean it's bad or especially eclectic music, though -- in fact The Two EPs is pretty good stuff to rock out to while doin' stuff.

Plus, with how unknown this band is right now, you'll get automatic pudding points for how indie it is. I mean, dude... they make their own band T-shirts. Pretty damn gnarly.

The words to describe the RNR Soldiers are: Exciting, In-your-face, Rockstar and Kickass. Consider giving this CD a whirl. There are some iffy tracks, yeah, but there are more than a few great tracks to redeem that.