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Undesirable Changes In The Refrigerators

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I like to explain about the fridges and their features, as present in my country, India. Although the fridges are designed for their good performances, there have been many cost cutting methods applied in their manufacture. For instance, the compressor blades are built using heavy plastic material instead of metal. Therefore it takes a longer time to create enough air pressure by the compressor at each and every time. It causes more power compression and also that the final pressure buildup is often not upto the minimum level. Cool effect is gradually reduced. Another drawback is the extensive use of defrosting technology in fridges. It increases the overall ambient temperature due to frequent inflow of warm air. The frozen water inside the fridge is washed as it cannot cause extra cooling in the compartment. It causes excessive wastage of frozen water.

Therefore the main objective of fridge is changed. The presence of ice inside the fridge is the indication of the level cooling at every instant of time. Presence of more white ice means good cooling effect. Presence of less ice or watery ice means poor cooling effect. The defrosting technique should not be use as it leads to wastage of frozen ice.

The latest refridgerators must be designed as in a multipurpose mode. That is, it should serve as both fridge and a source of cold water supply. This technology has already been used in fridges, but at a higher cost. The cost must gradually be reduced so that the common man can buy these type of fridges and fulfill his water supply needs. The cold frozen water from fridge can be used for drinking as well as cooking at homes.

In our country, fridges are not designed for very low temperatures, even though we have an average annual temperature at more than 35 degree celsius. In the summer months from April to August, the maximum temperature reaches to around 45 degree celsius.

The manufacturers do not take the views of people about this fact. They assure that people in our country cannot tolerate too low temperatures.

Manufacturers must take the views of the common people into account for manufacturing using newer terchnologies.