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Uniden Two Way Radios

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What child doesn't love walkie-talkies? Us grown-ups love our walkie-talkies too... only we call them two-way radios.

We own a set of two-way radios by Uniden. They work great for keeping in touch at theme parks, or communicating between vehicles driving in tandem on the highway. They could also be used by campers, or by a parent keeping tabs on an adolescent at the mall.

These radios are designed to pick up over 20 different channels. So if you find you are receiving interference, or hear other people using the same channel, you can simply switch to a different frequency.

They also have a "Call" button, which emits a ringing sound, just like a telephone. Perfect for getting someone's attention if they have the radio stuffed in a pocket or purse.

These radios stay pretty true to their advertised range, but vary by a couple of kilometres depending on the terrain. For exampe, we usually get maximum range on a staight stretch of road, but in the bush with lots of hills we get a little less, and in a city with several concrete buildings between us, the range shortens even more.

These radios charge nicely on their included charger, and always have good power. After nearly 3 years, one of the radios stopped taking a charge, and needed to have the internal battery replaced. However, these only cost about 5-7 dollars.

Overall, a reliable and fun set of radios.

I've checked the Uniden website, and am not sure if they make our exact model anymore. Although they still sell replacement charging docks for it. But they do offer two other models that look and operate just like ours, only at a higher range. One model has a range of over 20 kilometres! And, because ours is a few years old, you can now buy these high-range radios for about the same price we paid for ours--about $30.00.