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Unionbank Eon Visa Card

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I learned about EON card from discussions at mylot.com. I was just started learning about online jobs back then and I really don't know how could I transfer my paypal money to my bank because paypal is requiring to get me verified first in order to withdraw funds. But thanks that Unionbank is offering a solution using their EON cyber acount product wherein I can transfer my paypal funds directly to my card. I also had use this card to verify my account at paypal.

EON CyberAccount in an online account wherein you can track all your transactions via the internet. You just have to register, choose a username and enter your card number and PIN. Just be patient because it will take around 7 days or more before your account will be activated. I did not expect that took this long before and I tried calling their customer service hotline for numerous times. But unluckily, the line was either busy or no one answered most of the time. So, i would advice to better wait the activation patiently. After my cyberaccount gets activated, transferring my paypal fund to my EON card would normally takes about 3-7 working days. But most of the time it only take me 3 days to wait.

How Did I Apply?

Unionbank is no longer offering online registration and so I visited their nearest branch. So okay, I personally filled the application form at the branch and told me to wait for 1 week then go back and get my EON card. On due date, I presented my IDs to the bank and to pay Php 350 ($7-$8) for annual fee. If you will use this card to get verified at paypal, you must have at least $2 in your account. Like in my case, I deposited Php 200 ($4 ++) after I got my card.

EON card is a VISA card so you can actually use it to shop at any VISA accepting merchants whether online or at your local store. Other advantages I for me is that I was able to control my expenses because this card is prepaid so it means I can only spend or withdraw fund within the limit of my available funds. With my CyberAccount, I was able to easily manage and monitor my transactions in just a few clicks. For more detailed info about this product, you may log on to Unionbank EON websit.