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Unique Piece Of Jewelry, Custom Handmade Ring

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Ok, first of all, I'm not only trying to write a review about this unique ring I got but more likely I'm trying to make the idea of supporting artist who make unique jewel and the idea of appreciating these jewelry, a bit more popular. To be honest this ring has been created by my own dad. So you may think that this is a propaganda campaign or something, but it's not, and I base this on absolutely nothing but the credit of your trust.

This specific ring was created using a material that is called new silver as well as argentan. The little rock inside the ring is only a so called "found" rock that has been found at the Greek sea shore. It's surprising how little piece of rocks that could be considered having no value at all can turn into art if used properly. However I'll post jewels made of precious stones as well. Of course, using precious stones rises the price of a unique jewelry not only because of the value of the stone but it's harder to work with as well.

The process of the creation of such piece involves a few stages. First, as my father said, no jewel can be made for people you haven't meet at all. So he believes in the inspiration a certain person gives him before creating a jewel. Now a short chat, talking, discussion or call it what you like; will take place. A few measurements will also be taken of the part of the body that will wear the jewel. For example he has a special plate with lots of holes in it specially designed for taking measurements of fingers.

The following stages begin involving the art. The material gets prepared. The metal melts under the hand of the heat. A self selection goes trough in the material where those part that has certain dirts, oxidations will get apart from the pure material. n evolution of the material brings it to the final curves where all the pieces starts to give birth to a new piece of art. Interesting about nature is that certain metal materials gets spliced only by other metal materials that melts at higher heat level and of course faster. This time the soldering material that he used was silver. Before implementing the little stone its'nest has to be created. After he placed the stone it its'snug, the final stages of shininess begins to take place. There is a huge set of polishing discs from the heaviest to a so soft as a satin. Keeping all the levels of polishing will brighten up the metal in a way that no manufacturer could have done. Handmade polishing has always been higher appreciated than industrial one and when we're talking about jewelry it's even more important than with some other products.

As well as polishing, the jewel itself is much more valuable if handmade, unique, custom, than any of its' industrial competitors.

I hope I have risen your mood for custom jewels bit.

See you next time.