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Unique Support For The Sleep Deprived

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Every so often my internal clock decides it wants to stop and when it does this I usually end up experiencing periods of extended wakefulness, hyperactivity and well - just plain motoring on fun! For the past few months I've had episodes of what many people call "insomnia" but unlike those who suffer from insomnia I can usually tell when I'm going to end up with a bout of sleeplessness and prepare for it. I've lived with this little "quirk" since about 1993 when I was injured in a vehicle accident and was in severe enough pain that sleep was literally impossible most nights. My doctor believes that is partly the reason for my continued episodes even years later. So, rather than give it a spin as some medically inclined ailment I've long since decided to label my wakeful periods as my "getter done" mode because during these episodes I can be an absolute dynamo on auto-pilot and unlike most who suffer from insomnia, and much to my Doctor's chagrin at times, I absolutely love these episodes! So he's found it difficult to encourage me to take any kind of medicinal remedy - chemical or Natural.

Just a few weeks ago I began my rev mode again and after a little while of using it to my advantage and enjoying some "getter done" time I decided that I needed to once again get things controlled. I'm now off all prescribed medications and have been for almost 2 years now - this was a huge milestone for me and one that my Doctor was a little apprehensive about but when I informed him of what I'd done on my own - yes, I removed myself from my list of medications because I was tired of weight gain and chemicals floating within my body. I was also tired of swallowing pills every day and refilling perscriptions every month. As my health problems aren't life threatening - just make it difficult to function without pain and other things every day, I saw no reason not to do this. I know - I'm a dangerous patient - but I believe in going with my instincts and they were telling me that there were Natural alternatives out there and my Doctor who is very Natural oriented agreed - although he cringed at my adventurous experimentation without his knowledge. Once he saw the replacements I had chosen though he shook his head and told me I could probably take over his job if I wanted it. I took that as a compliment and my respect for this man increased even more.

I found something called Sleep Support which includes L-Theanine, 5 HTP and Melatonin. This combination is designed to work not only as a sleep support aid but as a Stress reduction - evening out moods and relaxing the body naturally in such a way that it also removes any anxieties or nervousness that may be as a result of lost sleep. I am the last person who stresses over lost sleep and didn't really need this but thought I'd give it a try anyway - every little bit of happy is a good thing.

I tried these the other evening, first by taking only one tablet which is a Tropical fruit flavor meant to be chewed. They aren't unpleasant tasting and there are 30 tablets per bottle. One tablet didn't really work for me so the following night I took 2, the bottle indicates that 1 or 2 tablets is more than sufficient.

The two tablets worked well. You take these about 40 minutes prior to the time you wish to fall asleep and you can actually feel these working - they present a slight tingling throughout your body which is sort of strange at first but you definitely feel very relaxed and ready to sleep. I was asleep in under 5 minutes when I did hit the bed.

The next morning I was a bit groggy but allergy season is coming and I've started experiencing allergy related symptoms so even when not taking these, I still wake in the morning feeling just a little groggy.

These are made by a Drug Store pharmaceutical company here in Canada and they work while not being pricey to purchase. I'll use these for those times when I don't feel like using an Herbal tea that gives the same results. They come in a brown plastic bottle with green and red label and contain no dairy, wheat, artificial color or flavoring. The label indicates they "help cope with mild insomnia and calm nervousness". Overall, a pretty good product that is easy to take and works well.