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Layton Park's book Get Out of Your Way is very easy to read and understand and helps to understand what Hypnosis is, what it isn't and what it can do for us if we choose to investigate it and use it in our lives. The book provides information about how we can re-learn certain thinking patterns in order to improve our lives and re-train how we react to certain situations such as stress, crowds, public speaking, etc. One of the most valuable things that hypnosis offers us is a very relaxing way to improve our self esteem, overcome bad habits, place us more in control of our fears and phobias and allow us to handle stress, conflict and success/failure much more confidently as well as more easily.

Hypnosis is a method of subconscious behavioral reprogramming if you will, that has been around for a long time but has often been unfairly and poorly branded as being associated with Stage acts where audience members do odd things such as quack like ducks, forget their name, etc. Once you actually learn what hypnosis is however, your thoughts about it also change and you begin to realize that hypnosis is far more than just a simple entertainment tool. It can and has been a life-changing tool for many people. The medical community as well as the dental community are finding it a very beneficial tool for their patients to alleviate many things including chronic pain and dental extraction pain or anxiety. Psychologists often use it with their clients and some combine it with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Although Layton Park leans towards the long used "direct" method of hypnosis - "you will close your eyes now!" style which is known as Paternal and literal (using a stronger voice and direct commands) - this isnt' the best option for some people thus the reason that some who have tried hypnosis have found no benefit from the experience. Today, there are new schools of thought that believe and prove daily that everyone can be hypnotized due to new ways of determining each individual's methods of taking in and understanding information (literal or inferred). Every individual is then provided with a hypnosis session that is based on their individual needs. Hypnosis today is far more successful for more people than it was 20 or 30 years ago and many professionals ensure their clients experience sessions that are geared specifically for them.

Layton Park is the founder of the Canadian Hypnosis Association, which is a well respected and highly reputable association based in British Columbia and which has done a great deal in taking Hypnosis from the dark ages of "spirits, witches and wizards" bringing it to the mainstream, every day world and educating people about the positive and life-changing opportunties that hypnosis can bring into our lives.

This particular book is based more or less on being successful - and hypnosis - particularly self-hypnosis, is a tool that many can find quite beneficial in retraining their thoughts. Self-hypnosis is the method whereby we personally hypnotize ourselves either by doing so mentally or by recording ourselves and then listening to our voice. We are all most susceptible to our own voices therefore self hypnosis can be a very powerful tool. Listening to some one else on an mp3 or via a hypnotic session with a professional is known as hetro hypnosis. Hypnosis (self or hetro) is most beneficial for those seeking confidence building, relief from insomnia, sports performance, study and exam performance, etc. Changes in a persons life such as losing weight, stopping smoking, managing chronic pain, achieving relaxed and less stressful experiences and much more, can be achieved through hypnosis. Self hypnosis is absolutely not recommended to those who may be in a depressive state as they are susceptible to negative thinking and only professionals should be approached to perform hypnosis in this case.

For anyone who would like an overview of hypnosis from a more paternal (father) standpoint, this is a good book to begin with. There are also opportunities to experience hypnosis using the CD that the book comes with. For those who might buy this book and who feel they've not reached the level of hypnosis expected, it isn't that you aren't able to be hypnotized but rather you may be one of the people who take in information with a more maternal, inferred method.

Overall, a good read for those curious about hypnosis and what it may be able to do for them. It is well laid out, written in terms that anyone can understand and it may just peak your interest enough that you'll wish to explore this Holistic personal improvement tool in further depth.