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Unsolved Mysteries On Dvd

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By simpleguy93 on
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Well, When I first heard about the show; Unsolved Mysteries, I had some doubts about it? It has to do with many things strictly about Worldwide, famously known situations that was never documented as a solved case but when heard about the show having to do with cases of UFO files, Ghost, Legend, even Murder cases. I decided to check online to see if they had any of these intriguing episodes, lo and behold... they did.

I was really interested in purchasing the UFO files of The Unsolved Mysteries version and when it arrived at my front door step I thought of feeling kind of skeptical about some of the episodes it described on it, not really knowing much about Aliens from outer space or what ever you want to call it, but It triggered me to buy such a thing. It all started back in 2009, when I was hanging out with my friends on my back porch and all of a sudden a large ship type looking object with bright lights on it starts hovering slowly over my backyard. My friends and I were shell-shocked about the bit, after a debate about it; It would soon trigger me to research more about UFO's and Aliens and what there really about but ultimately to find out if there real or not?

The whole thing made me more interesting in UFO sightings around the world.

This is how Unsolved Mysteries got involved.

The DVD consist of many different types of UFO sightings from around the world, mostly from Belgium, Canada, England, Australia and of course America itself. The Most interesting episodes was about the Roswell crash in New Mexico, back in 1947. Also the Texas UFO where a woman, here son, and her mother near Houston TX, saw a diamond-shaped UFO aircraft hovering back and forth in front of her car causing radiation burns the women would catch cancer because of it but the government wouldn't accept it, eventually she'll die because of it, with no explanation of what it really was? Another one was about a UFO in Vancouver, a women had seen an unidentified object in her remote farm-house out in the pasture in her field, later a mysterious video tape sent to her house with the initials Guardian on it, unexpectedly it was the same UFO that she saw the other night before but unsure if it was that same night? but most definitely the same type UFO she'd recently explained seeing the other night.

I really can't say anything that I disliked in this Unsolved Mysteries DVD collection but for the special features it only shows trailers of movies sponsored by First Look Home Entertainment, the same thing Unsolved Mysteries is on, but one thing is foreshore, the host Robert Stack, definitely makes the show more enjoyable and worth while!

I recommend this collection to anyone who has a jittery reaction to UFO files, such as The Unsolved Mysteries collection; this is your lucky day my friend because you will enjoy!