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Untangle Your Dog's Coat With Replenish

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I have yet to own a dog who enjoys being bathed. Even when I start with them as puppies, they just don't enjoy the experience. My Bichons both have a tendency to get tangled curls when bathed; my Akita doesn't tangle, she just smells like wet dog.

I found Replenish, an 8 oz. spray bottle of a botanical conditioner, at my locally owned pet supply company for under $5. I've seen it at Petsmart, too. It's gentle enough for puppies, and is called a "Botanical" and contains red currant and thyme, along with natural humectants. You can use it on your dogs -- wet or DRY. Amazing. I don't have to BATHE my Akita when she gets a little, well, whiffy. I can spray this on her, give her a good brushing, and she smells fresh.

I take my Bichon to the groomer every couple of months or so. She always comes home with a flowery perfume-like scent, which I suppose some people appreciate; it's better than "dirty dog" odor, but it just doesn't seem like an appropriate scent for a canine. I bathe her a few times in between groomings, because her fur, unlike the Akita's, holds on to dirt. The Akita has straight, though dense, fur, and a quick brush on the way in gets the loose dirt out. The Bichon's fur tangles, and she's a drama queen about both bathing and brushing. I've found that the Replenish conditioner makes combing out those tangles a lot easier for both of us.

The two best thing about the Replenish conditioner are first, the obvious: it de-tangles the Bichon's fur. The second is that the smell is a fresh natural smell. It's not fruity, flowery, or perfume-y; it's just fresh. I love the way that both of them smell when I use it. And they seem to prefer it to what my groomer uses, so now I take it with me when I take the Bichon to the groomer. The Akita only goes twice a year (the whole fur & skin texture/quality are different between the breeds) and she gets it as a ride-along too, along with an organic oatmeal anti-itch shampoo.

The Replenish doesn't bother either of them. I spray it on Kimiko the Akita when she gets her weekly "thorough" brush (as opposed to the quicker daily ones), and she actually seems to enjoy it; I pour a little into my hands and work it into Leilani the Bichon's coat after I've rinsed out her shampoo. It's a leave-in conditioner so I don't need to rinse it, and if I find a major tangle during her "comb-outs" between shampoos, I can spray a little onto it and the knot loosens up.

It's not magic, of course; the tangles still don't untangle themselves, but it really helps, and I like the scent, and best of all, the dogs seem to like the scent too. I recommend it for any kind of dog, since I've seen how well it works with two very different breeds.