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Until June Until June

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By tribefan on
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Until June is the first album from the group of the same name. Their name comes from the fact that they gave themselves a deadline of "until June" to get their band signed. And they did. This tells me that they are passionate about their music, and it really shows when you give the CD a listen.

I really like the unique vocals of the lead singer. He sounds a little naisly, which takes a couple listens to get used to, but then it starts to grow on you. Musically, they are a pop/rock group that uses lots of piano too. I love the sound. Even though the lyrics are somewhat down, talking about their broken hearts, the music stays somewhat upbeat and positive. It's a neat effect. And even though their lyrics aren't incredibly deep, they do seem to carry some Christian ideals, such as redemption, especially with the last song on the album.

To me at least, many of the songs, especially toward the end, sound somewhat similar. I think they could have put a little more effort into differentiating their songs musically. The worst part for me though, is the length: this is a short CD. Pretty much all the songs are only 3 minutes in length, and the CD clocks in at only 30 minutes.

This CD is pretty good for a debut, and I'm definitely looking forward to see what they do in their sophomore album.