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Untraceable Falls Short In The End

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Untraceable with Diane Lane and Colin Hanks (son of Tom Hanks) was a movie I'd wanted to see for a little while so a few weekends ago, we rented it - of course, lesson learned. Always check the movie networks before paying good money to see a movie you aren't certain is going to be as great as you hoped - and save yourself a few dollars, unlike I did.

Untraceable has one character who plays his part exceptionally in my opinion and that would be Colin Hanks as Griffin Dowd. As a perverse individual with a vengeful reason behind his gruesome acts - video taping his victims and broadcasting their demise via the internet in such a way that as viewers log on to watch, it hastens the death of the poor victim dramatically the more people watch - Hanks has the persona of a truely sadistic individual - eyes and all. Some may view his performance as wooden however, I found it to be well done and very convincing unlike the remaining cast members involved.

I was disappointed in this movie, despite the fact that there are several gruesome scenes that depict Dowd (Hanks) brutally torturing his victims for reasons unknown until the very end of the movie - the characters were not as convincing as I would expect them to be given the plot of the story.

An FBI agent and her co-worker are tasked with the duties of seeking out and shutting down pedofiles and pornographically obsessed individuals through a network of computers that oddly enough would make any local Crimes unit estatic if the technology to nab offenders were as simplified as portrayed in the movie. That aside however, the cat and mouse game that ensues between Lane and Hanks, including his ability to locate her and cause her family to go into hiding, ends in a bit of a let down as the storyline leads us right to where we expected it to but without the solid thump that a great thriller would leave us with, as in "wow, who'd of thought!" Instead this movie leaves us almost able to predict verbatim, exactly where the story line is going and how it will get us to the end. Perhaps I'm jaded due to the fact that I watch too much "real crime" by way of A&E but the cut and dried aspects of the movie left me feeling just a little let down.

The story line was in my opinion rather weak - the idea in concept was good but I'd have liked to see a much more taut, suspenseful and "who done it" sequence of events. There were also too many technological advantages that just did not add up.

As a weak entertainment vehicle this will keep you watching just to see if it gets any better - but if you are looking for a real who done it with a story that leaves you wanting a sequel - this one isn't the one to watch I'm afraid. Check it out via HBO or TMN but otherwise, I'd not recommend paying to either rent or purchase it.