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Up With The Times With The Ipod Nano

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By mom2one on
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I grew up in the age of the Walkman. I remember I thought I was so cool when I brought my first Sony Walkman.

Boy has times changed!

My son, who is 8 by the way, has been asking for an Ipod. I thought he was crazy. Why would an eight-year-old boy need an Ipod, not to mention the price of those things.

He has been asking for one of these for a good year now.

I told him he would have to save up his money. I thought with the cost of them that he would decide having one wasn't that important.

I was wrong, he saved and saved all his birthday and Christmas money, not to mention any money he earned for doing extra things around the house.

Finally he had enough to get an Ipod Nano. I didn't research a whole lot before the purchase. I knew my son just wanted one for music.

So he gets the Ipod Nano 4GB, after I made a deal with him to pay half because he had been so good at saving his money and that I can download a few songs on it for me. Which he in turn gave him a great big hug in right in the store! When we got home we took it out of the case and I could not believe how small and lightweight the thing is! Amazing! Walkmans have come a long way!

It is easy to use and easy to download music onto it. Although it is actually my son's Ipod, I have been using it a lot. I want my own, maybe one day I will be able to get one or end up with my son's down the road.

The thing I don't really like is the ear buds it comes with. They don't seem to fit in the ear very well. We need to still go out and find a decent set of ear buds for it.

Although my son (and I) love the Ipod, in hindsight I wish I would have had him get the 8GB Ipod Nano. The reason being I did not realize you could download different games onto the Nano. We have downloaded a few games but some take up a lot of room so we don't want to add too many. I guess you live and learn.

I know this won't be my son's last Ipod as the companies are always coming out with new and improved items, but for an eight year old boy this is MORE then enough!