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Upgrade To A Stainless Trashcan

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In an effort to upgrade my kitchen without spending a fortune, I decided to buy a stainless steel Hold-N-Hide Step Can. My old trashcan was just not cutting it anymore. It stunk, the lid kept crashing to the ground, and it was cracking at the base.

At a recent doctor's appointment, I noticed they had beautiful stainless garbage cans. I liked the cylindrical style and decided I must have a similar can for my home. My search began.

I found almost an identical trashcan at Target. The price was a little more than what I wanted to spend for a trashcan at near 40 bucks. However, I had my mind set on getting it. Moreover, I found the price of stainless trashcans could soar to over $100.

The Hold-N-Hide Step Can has a hinged top that is securely attached to the base. The hinge operates pretty well except the lid crashes with a clang if you let go of the step too quickly.

Opposed to my old can, I really like having the hands free feature of the step. When I am cooking, I tend to get my hands gooped up and lifting the trash lid can make a mess. Now I just step up and open the can to discard my scraps.

The best feature of this step can is the Hold-N-Hide, which holds the trash bag inside of the unit. All you see is your beautiful Stainless Steel trashcan. This has worked really well. I have not had any issues with the bag falling into the bin, no matter how much trash my kids stuff in there.

At a10.6 gallon capacity, this can is smaller that my old 13-gallon. I have not really noticed the size difference too much and do not have to change the bag more often. I have noticed I am more conscious of really reducing what I am throwing in there by either crushing or recycling.

The Hold-N-Hide Step Can is compact for tight spaces. It is 24 7/8-inches tall and 11 1/2-inches in diameter. Though it is not a 13-gallon capacity, it does use 13-gallon bags.

A great thing I have noticed about this can is it really keeps smells in. The old can we had used to radiate obnoxious odors after only a few items were thrown in. This can keeps the lid on odor. I do not have to replace the bag at mid fill anymore because of smells, which reduces bag waste and saves money.

If you do find yourself burdened with some stinky trash, this trashcan has a handy handle on the hinge. You can carry your stench lidded outdoors to prevent stinking up the entire house.

The stainless can is easy to clean. I have only had to wipe it with a wet paper towel to remove fingerprints (kids!). The satin finish has not scratched.

After having the Hold-N-Hide Step Can for a time now, I am pleased with it. Not only do I love the way it looks, I think it was well worth the money. I know this trashcan will give us years and years of service.

Update On Mar 16, 2010: This trashcan will not give us years of service as I thought it would originally. I just threw $40 plus tax in the trash.

Initially I was pleased with this trashcan. Now, a little over four months later, I am stuck with a broken piece of trash. Over the weekend, the lid broke away from the container. It is beyond repair. Note I mentioned in my original review how the lid crashes to the base. I believe this is the reason the hinge busted.

I am very displeased with Target and their return/exchange policy. I took the trashcan back to the store and they would not do an exchange without a receipt, which I cannot find. This was rather odd to me because, as a former employee of Target, I remember getting exchanges without receipt in soft lines of obviously used clothing, even underwear, in re-shop that had to be taken at a loss.

I went to the Target website, saw reviews on this model trashcan, and discovered other customers who purchased it were dissatisfied also. I only wish I had seen the reviews prior to making the purchase. One would think, given my tenure on Shared Reviews, I would have looked into this as I do with most other purchases. You can be sure I will never make a mistake like this again.

I still would like a stainless trashcan for our kitchen. I will not be making this, nor any other, purchase from Target, though I did read some other trashcan reviews there to find the more expensive models have good reviews. I am going to shop around and if I find a dependable model, I will update here again.

Update On Apr 07, 2010: Well, I am nothing if not resourceful. After a furious fevered search for the lost receipt, tearing apart all of my files, and coming up with nothing, I decided to try to fix my Hold-N-Hide step can myself.

At first, I thought I would try affixing a metal hinge on the outer side of the broken hinge. I discussed this idea with my husband and we agreed the solution would work. However, it would be rather ugly. We looked at the hinge again and decided doing something from the inside would be a better solution. He suggested I safety wire the broken hinge to secure it and make it work again. I drilled two tiny holes through the solid part and tied safety wire to the hinge bar (see image). Now the trashcan lid works again!

I am still disappointed with Target though. This is their product from Target Brands Inc. They should have made the exchange.